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Family Recovery Court

Family Recovery Court: Healing, Growth, and Reunification

Learn about Family Recovery Court, a voluntary program dedicated to transforming lives and building brighter futures for families. 
child abuse and substance use

The Connection Between Substance Use and Child Abuse

Learn about the connection between substance use and child abuse and neglect. By promoting awareness and prevention, we can break this harmful cycle.
Empowering Women in Recovery

Empowering Women on the Path to Recovery

Learn about two of our key addiction recovery services tailored specifically for women, including pregnant and parenting women.
Maintaining sobriety during the holidays

Maintaining Sobriety: Recovery During the Holidays

With potential triggers and temptations, these strategies and tips are commonly recommended among the recovery community to help maintain sobriety during the holidays.
Navigating the Holidays in Recovery

Navigating the Holidays in Recovery: Insights and Inspiration from the Addiction Recovery Team at Seven Counties Services

A collection of inspiring quotes from the passionate and caring Addiction Recovery Team at Seven Counties Services
Stand Up For Recovery 2023 Event

Stand Up For Recovery: A Joyous Celebration

A recap of testimonials from this year's Stand up For Recovery event celebrating those who have overcome struggles with addiction.
harm reduction services

Harm Reduction Services: NARCAN, Fentanyl Test Strips & Syringe Service Programs

As a provider of harm reduction services, Seven Counties Services utilizes strategies to meet people where they are and on their own terms.
Understanding addiction recovery

Understanding Addiction Recovery: Return to Use Signs and Providing Support

Learn about addiction recovery, including how you can provide support to a loved one and recognizing when they might be struggling.

What is National Recovery Month?

National Recovery Month is held every September to celebrate the nation’s strong and proud recovery community! Learn about why we celebrate and how to get involved.
Hope for the Holidays

Hope for the Holidays: Recovery Is Possible!

Starting treatment this time of year can be intimidating, but Seven Counties Services is here to walk this journey with you every step of the way.