Medicaid Waiver Services

Acquired Brain Injury Waiver

A developmental disabilities client working with a Seven Counties Services teammemberThe Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) waiver provides services and support to individuals with brain injuries who are working to reintegrate successfully into the most independent life possible in their community. Services are provided in their homes and community settings and focus on obtaining and monitoring needed services. These services include but are not limited to adult day training, individual and group counseling, environmental and minor home modifications, respite, supervised residential care, companion services, personal care, community living support, nursing support, and more. At this time, Seven Counties Services provides both traditional and participant-directed services (PDS) case management services for Acute and Long-Term Care waivers.

Home and Community Based Waiver

The Home and Community Based (HC) waiver provides support and services for individuals from children to the elderly with physical disabilities. These services help individuals live in the community as independently as possible. Services include adult day health care, attendant care, environmental and minor home adaptation, home-delivered meals, respite care, and more. Seven Counties Services specializes in participant-directed services (PDS) service coordination. Our service coordinators help connect individuals with services provided through the Home and Community Based Waiver.

Michelle P. Waiver

Parent holding child with a developmental disabilityThe Michelle P. Waiver (MPW) provides Medicaid-paid services for adults and children with intellectual or other developmental disabilities. Support from this program, provided by either agency providers or individuals hired by the participant, allows individuals to live at home rather than in an institutional setting. Various services are offered to support the participant’s goals, choices, and needs. These services include but are not limited to behavioral support, day training, environmental and minor home adaptation, personal care, respite, and more. Eligible participants have intellectual or other developmental disabilities and meet the special financial qualifications applied to the MPW program, as determined by Medicaid.

Supports for Community Living Waiver

The Supports for Community Living (SCL) waiver provides services and support to individuals in their homes and communities. This waiver is unique as it provides residential services in addition to the typical waiver services. Seven Counties Services delivers the following SCL waiver services:

Case Management

Seven Counties Services case managers will coordinate services and support for individuals in their homes and communities using a person-centered planning process. Our SCL case management team can also assist individuals who choose to self-direct their services through the participant-directed services (PDS) option and help locate and obtain non-waiver services.

Supported Employment

Our supported employment program is Work Matters! The Work Matters mission is increasing self-sufficiency, advancing equal opportunity, and empowering businesses with alternative solutions to hiring qualified employees. This supported employment program provides employment services that represent a commitment to local employers and underemployed citizens. These services are individually tailored for people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities, substance use disorders, and serious mental illnesses.

Community Access

These services are designed to support the individual to engage in meaningful routines, events, and organizations in the community. Our services result in less reliance on formal support and greater emphasis on developing personal social networks, membership opportunities, friendships, and relationships for the individual.

Behavior Supports

Positive behavior support works with individuals to make positive changes in their lives and ensures that all caregivers collaborate and provide consistency across all settings.

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