Adult Mental Health Community-Based Services

Assertive Community Treatment (ACT)

A group in a mental health sessionThe Assertive Community Treatment or ACT Team helps individuals with severe mental illnesses who experience repeated homelessness, incarceration, or institutionalization and need more than traditional outpatient services. The ACT team comes directly to the client, whether it is in the client’s home, place of work, or another place in the community. Services are flexible and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These services include case management, therapy, housing, supported employment, and more. All clients receiving ACT services work with an entire team of professionals. This team includes a nurse, psychiatrist, social worker, and case manager that work on a schedule that meets their needs.

Comprehensive Community Support Services

We provide in-home and community-based support services as identified in the client’s individualized recovery and treatment plan. The delivery of these services may include training, cueing, supervising, teaching, and modeling behaviors and processes needed to be successful in the community. Core service areas include routine household care and maintenance activities, emotional regulation and skills intervention, crisis coping skills intervention, and interpersonal skills intervention.

Criminal Justice and Jail Diversion

These services intervene in the court system in Jefferson County on behalf of adults with behavioral health needs to help ensure that these individuals receive appropriate treatment versus jail time.

Homeless Outreach Team

Seven Counties Services partners with the Louisville Metro Coalition for the Homeless and the Department for Behavioral Health to engage people who have a mental illness or substance use disorders and are homeless. Our team of caring professionals helps individuals obtain access to services and additional community-based resources.


The first episode of psychosis is when a person experiences the symptoms of a mental illness, such as Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective Disorder, and Brief Psychotic Disorder, among other disorders. As a result, the time after these episodes can be very frightening, confusing, and distressing. IHOPE supports these individuals aged 15-30 using evidence-based practices and services such as psychoeducation, family education, supported employment, peer support, safety planning, case management, occupational therapy, and outreach services. Learn more about IHOPE.

Peer Support Services

Peer support services are services provided by resilient individuals who have a diagnosis of a serious mental illness and/or addiction issues and are in recovery. Peer Support Specialists help others manage their recovery, build self-advocacy skills and achieve their own successes. Learn more about peer support.


Our PeerFIt consumer-run health and wellness service provides a culture built on hope and geared towards person-centered, strength-based recovery. Members of PeerFit receive access to the PeerFit gym, mindfulness and meditation groups, and plenty of peer support.

Recovery Zone

Recovery Zone is a partial-day service that helps clients who have severe and persistent mental illnesses thrive in their daily lives. Morning and afternoon sessions provide a meal and multiple group options. Sessions offer lessons on life skills such as budgeting and nutrition, emotional regulation skills, self-resilience skills, esteem-building skills, and decision-making skills, along with healthy relationship and communication techniques.

TAYLRD (Transitional Age Youth Launching Realized Dreams)

TAYLRD is a drop-in center for youth between the ages of 16-26 that works to reduce barriers for young people by providing specialized services and support. TAYLRD offers mental health services, including case management, community support, peer support, medication management, and homelessness support. A life skills group, leadership development training, and assistance accessing benefits such as SNAP and Section 8 are available as additional resources. Our TAYLRD facility has a kitchen where snacks and meals are provided during drop-in times, and computer and laundry access is available. For hours, location, and contact information, please visit our locations page.

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