Western Day Treatment: A Therapeutic Day Program for School-Aged Children

At Seven Counties Services, we offer the Western Day Treatment Program in collaboration with the Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS). This program is designed to support elementary school kids dealing with tough emotional and behavioral issues in school.   

What is the Western Day Treatment Program?  

Western Day Treatment Program ClassroomWestern Day is a school program that provides specialized mental health care to children from kindergarten through 5th grade while they remain enrolled in JCPS. Typically, students participate in the program for 6 to 12 months, maintaining their regular school schedule and commuting to and from school like their peers.  

One of the differences for students in the program is the smaller classroom sizes. Four classrooms accommodate up to eight students each, totaling a maximum of 32 students. 

 This setup ensures individualized attention while students engage in standard academic instruction. Students and their families also benefit from an array of services and support, including one-on-one therapy sessions, family counseling, group therapy, case management, psychiatric care, and various assessments tailored to their needs.  

The program is designed to wrap a lot of services around the child and family. The mental health providers, the school system staff, and the child’s family all work very closely together. This allows everyone to coordinate and provide the child with seamless services tailored just for them. 

Solomon Qualah Jr

Solomon Qualah Jr.

Solomon Qualah Jr., a Mental Health Counselor, who has been with Seven Counties Services for 20 years, said a really special aspect of the program is that children feel welcome there. “Kids who are not successful in regular classrooms come here, and they blossom,” he said. “Once they finish the program, they learn to make positive decisions, be collaborative, and communicate with other peers to be successful.”

He added that several students will reach back out years after completing the program just to check in and see how they’re doing. “The joy in knowing that we’ve made an impact on somebody else’s life is huge to us,” said Solomon.  

Providing Continued Support  

Upon completing the program, students and their families are celebrated at graduation ceremonies. The ceremonies include exchanging heartfelt letters highlighting achievements and growth. Western Day staff also engage with the student’s school and new teachers, sharing insights and strategies to ensure a smooth transition and continued success.  

How to Refer Students to Western Day  

While schools themselves are unable to directly refer students, children can still access the Western Day Treatment Program by being referred through their mental health providers. For detailed information on how to submit a professional referral, please visit our referral submission page 

The Western Day Treatment Program aims to provide kids with the therapeutic help they require while also ensuring they stay on track academically and meet their educational needs. By combining mental health care, academics, and family involvement, we aim to set children up for long-term success! 

Reviewed by Courtney Potts, Child & Family Division Director, at Seven Counties Services.  

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