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IHOPE: Identifying and Treating First Episode Psychosis

Many of our participants have shared stories of growth and gratitude for the support provided by our IHOPE team! In our resource, you will learn more about symptoms and treatment of first episode psychosis and read testimonials from real participants.

BIPOC Mental Health Month

Celebrating BIPOC Mental Health Month with Winners for Wellness Festival

View our resource on BIPOC Mental Health Month, including mental health challenges and how to support mental wellness in the community.

Western Day Treatment Program

Western Day Treatment: A Therapeutic Day Program for School-Aged Children

The Western Day Treatment Program is designed to support elementary school kids struggling with emotional and behavioral issues in school

Daily Stressors

Daily Stressors That Influence Your Mental Health

Our resource dives into daily stressors that influence your mental health and offers support to navigate them.

Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental Health Awareness: Where to Start

Use our resource to learn more about mental health, taking action for better mental wellness, and advocating for mental health support.

Family Recovery Court

Family Recovery Court: Healing, Growth, and Reunification

Learn about Family Recovery Court, a voluntary program dedicated to transforming lives and building brighter futures for families. 

Occupational Therapy

Pediatric Occupational Therapy Services at Seven Counties Services

Learn about our Pediatric Occupational Therapy services, including testimonials that show the positive impact our services can have.

child abuse and substance use

The Connection Between Substance Use and Child Abuse

Learn about the connection between substance use and child abuse and neglect. By promoting awareness and prevention, we can break this harmful cycle.

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Seven Counties Services serves everyone regardless of diagnosis or insurance status. We ensure that getting started on your journey to recovery is as easy as possible. To schedule your first appointment, you can call directly or complete an online appointment request.

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