Beatriz Vides of Trauma Resilient Communities (TRC) Wins the Community Behavioral Health Award for Resilience

On September 14th, Seven Counties Services hosted its Annual Dinner. It’s a time to gather and recognize our leadership, board of directors, donors, volunteers, outstanding employees, and award community partners with four Community Behavior Health Awards displaying our values of Compassion, Intentionality, Resilience, and Equity.  

With great pleasure, we’re proud to announce the 2023 Resilience Award was presented to Beatriz Vides, the Co-founder of Center for Trauma Resilient Communities (TRC). 

The Community Behavioral Health Award for Resilience recognizes the importance of resilience in promoting mental health recovery, overcoming obstacles, and inspiring hope for those impacted by behavioral health issues. As the recipient of this award, Beatriz has displayed exceptional strength, adaptability, and perseverance in the face of adversity and challenges within the realm of behavioral health.  

Seven Counties Services’ partner, the TRC Initiative, is a city-wide program, funded by SAMHSA, and managed by the Office for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods, that seeks to promote resilience and equity for Louisville’s youth and families disproportionately affected by trauma, race-based trauma, systematic inequities, violence, and civil unrest.      

Beatriz could not attend the Annual Dinner, but Angela Caine, the Clinical Director of the TRC Project, accepted the award on her behalf. 

“I’m really excited to be here tonight and accept this award on behalf of Beatriz and TRC,” said Angela. “But there’s also some people we’d be remised if we didn’t recognize, and that’s our TRC Champion Trainers. These trainers truly represent the TRC Initiative by consistently promoting resilience and equity for those in our community who need us most.” 

Angela recognized the following TRC Champion Trainers: 

  • Fran Harrison 
  • Tania Avalos Rodriguez 
  • Shameka Fridenstine 
  • Heather Marcus 
  • Fran DuRivage  

While the TRC Project grant is coming to an end in a few weeks, Angela added the work is not over.  

“Seven Counties Services will continue to embed and embody the TRC Model concepts as we move forward in the years to come,” she added. “This includes providing quality care to our clients as well as support and connection to our employees. This award is an opportunity to remind ourselves of the strength and resilience that exists in all of us, helps us navigate our own experiences, and recognize and respect the lived experiences of others. On behalf of Beatriz and TRC, Thank you.” 

We love being able to award and support our community partners! If you or your organization can benefit from a partnership with Seven Counties Services or vice versa, we would like to hear from you. Learn how to get involved. Together we ensure a better community for all!     

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