Coping Skills for Mental Wellness

Coping is the thoughts and actions a person uses to manage unpleasant feelings. Because we all experience these feelings throughout life, it’s important to learn and develop healthy ways of dealing with them.  

Below are several healthy coping skills for when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Take Care of Your Basic Needs 

  • Eat a healthy meal or snack.  
  • Drink some water. 
  • Take a shower or bath.  
  • Brush your teeth. 
  • Take a nap.  

Allow Yourself to Feel 

  • Let yourself cry.  
  • Draw or write down how you’re feeling.  
  • Scream. 
  • Vent to someone you trust about what is upsetting you.  

Boost Your Mood  

  • Watch something funny and let yourself laugh.  
  • Spend time with pets or animals.  
  • Go for a walk in nature or visit a park.  
  • Reorganize your room or a space in your home.  
  • Repeat positive affirmations to yourself.  
  • Do something nice for someone or volunteer.  
  • Get creative – color, paint, write, or try a new craft.  
  • Play a game or do a puzzle.  
  • Get a plant, explore gardening, or visit a garden center.  
  • Do something active – dance, run, or play a sport.  

Rest and Relax 

  • Read a book.  
  • Try guided meditation, yoga, or breathing exercises with apps or on YouTube.  
  • Listen to music, an audiobook, or a podcast.  
  • Unplug by turning off your phone and electronics for a couple hours.  
  • Light a candle or use calming essential oils, like lavender.  
  • Use a fidget toy or stress ball.  
  • Make yourself some tea or a treat you enjoy.  

Ask for Help  

If you’re still struggling with tough emotions after trying to utilize healthy coping skills, reaching out for professional support could make a big difference. At Seven Counties Services, we specialize in tailoring treatment to help people dealing with mental health issues that disrupt their daily routines. Our team of experts can work with you to build lasting strategies for better mental health. You can easily request an appointment online or give us a call at (502) 589-1100. 

Reviewed by Brittany Pape, the Division Director of Child Crisis Services at Seven Counties Services. 

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