Pediatric Occupational Therapy Services at Seven Counties Services

At Seven Counties Services, we stand out in our commitment to providing exceptional Pediatric Occupational Therapy services. Our specialized programs are designed to assist children in developing essential skills for successful daily living. We focus on a comprehensive range of areas including play skills, social interaction, motor coordination, self-care tasks, sensory processing, and more. 

“Our Occupational Therapists are dedicated to employing holistic and evidence-based approaches to ensure optimal therapeutic outcomes,” said Deborah Rakestraw, the Developmental Services Division Director at Seven Counties Services. “We are committed to supporting children in achieving their full potential by providing tailored interventions and empowering caregivers with educational strategies to promote independence within the home environment.” 

Don’t just take our word for it. Many of our patients’ parents have shared heartwarming stories of growth and gratitude for the services provided by our Occupational Therapists. These testimonials show the positive impact our services can have on your child’s life.  

Occupational Therapy Client Testimonials  

Occupational Therapy Client“OT is a great multi-faceted mode of therapy. My children have improved their emotional regulation and frustration tolerance. They have also improved their balance, coordination, and fine motor strength. As their parent, OT has helped me learn skills to help them with frustration management at home and for myself. We are thankful for the OT services we have received with Miss Bre. My children have made a lot of progress, and we have enjoyed our sessions with her.”   

“I would love to thank Seven Counties Services and the entire program for all the hard work the therapists do for my son and myself. Over these past weeks, Miss Breanne has been an amazing teacher in Ron’s life. I have also seen tremendous improvement in my son’s day-to-day activities. Ron’s a special kid and is very smart, and every week we attend each session, he shows just that. Each week he learns how to follow directions and practice patience. As a single mother, I greatly appreciate the lessons as well because I learn new ways to work with him at home. From the bottom of my heart, I would love to show my appreciation and support to keep making a change in these children’s lives.” 

“Our family has been with Seven Counties Services and Miss Bre since 2022. We have come a long way and have overcome many Occupational Therapy Client 2 challenges. Since starting, Blake has had a lot of success in learning how to control his breakdowns and behavior. Blake loves to come here and do his OT, and he loves the gym. I can see many differences in his growth. I believe that with OT therapy and prompts Blake will be able to live a full, functional, and happy life. Thanks for all you do.”   

“After several appointments with outpatient occupational therapy services, I have noticed many improvements and much growth in my child. Her balance, grasping objects, and transitioning have improved a lot. My daughter looks forward to her therapy appointments and is now excited about coming to therapy. The staff is extremely kind and patient, very hands-on, and has great suggestions for my daughter’s continued growth. She now does a lot of things that she showed no interest in before.” 

Parents and caregivers seeking comprehensive Occupational Therapy services for their children can connect with Seven Counties Services for expert guidance and support. Request an appointment online or call us at (502) 459-5292. We’re here to support you and your family to lead an independent and fulfilling life!  

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