Steps to Prevent Prescription Drug Misuse

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Explore the contents of your medicine cabinet, nightstand, kitchen counter, and purse. While you may keep prescription medications and cold and cough remedies readily available for your own use, it’s essential to recognize that they are also easily accessible to others without your knowledge. Take proactive measures by following these steps to safeguard against prescription drug misuse. 

Lock Your Meds  

Only 4.7% of individuals who abuse prescription drugs say they get the medication from a stranger, drug dealer, or the internet. Prevent others from misusing your medications by securing them in places they cannot access. Lock them up or take them out of your house. 

Take Inventory  

Use a home medication inventory card to record the name and number of medications you currently have. Check regularly to make sure none are missing. Learn about the most commonly misused types of medications (pain relievers, sedatives, stimulants, and tranquilizers). Then, communicate the dangers of misusing these medications to your child regularly; once is not enough.  

Set Clear Rules and Monitor Your Behavior 

Do not allow your child to take prescription drugs without a prescription. Monitor your child’s behavior to ensure that rules are being followed. Lead by example. 

Pass It On  

Share your knowledge, experiences, and support with the parents of your child’s friends. Work together to ensure that your children are safe and healthy. 

Dispose of Old or Unused Medications  

Find a permanent prescription drop box and dispose of any unused or old medications. The Kentucky Office of Drug Control Policy offers a resource for finding the closest prescription drug disposal location. 


Information provided by the Regional Prevention Center at Seven Counties Services, dedicated to preventing and reducing substance misuse and suicide within our communities. View or download our Substance Misuse Resource Toolkit for additional prevention resources. 

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