Elevating Employee Well-Being: A Guide to Everside Health Benefits at Seven Counties Services

As a leading Community Mental Health Center, we prioritize the health and well-being of our employees and their families. Recognizing the diverse and individual needs of our workforce, we are committed to offering a comprehensive array of benefits. One of the ways we demonstrate this commitment is through our partnership with Everside Health, which enables us to provide an employee health clinic! 

What is Everside Health? 

Everside HealthEmployees and dependents of Seven Counties Services covered by the group health insurance through Anthem are eligible for Everside Health.  

Everside Health is a national leader in direct primary care, offering onsite, near-site, and virtual primary care to employers, unions, and other organizations. Everside operates patient-centered health centers where patients can get 90% of the medical services they need from an experienced provider, at little to no cost. Everside providers are dedicated to their patient’s healthcare and are easy to reach at convenient locations near patient’s home or work, as well as virtually by phone or video. Everside care teams strive to provide a personal level of care and are available around the clock by phone for urgent health matters. 

What Makes Everside Health Different 

As an Everside patient, you have 24/7 access to your care team for urgent needs. You’re also able to receive an array of virtual and in-person services. This includes everything from routine checkups and urgent needs to chronic condition management, mental health screenings, wellness counseling, and more. 

One great perk is the fact that Everside providers see 70% fewer patients than a typical primary care doctor. This allows them to spend more time with you when you need it, start appointments on time, and provide you with flexible appointment availability.  

Additionally, Everside providers’ whole-person care approach aligns with Seven Counties Services’ commitments and values. This approach includes physical health, mental health, exercise, and nutrition that’s affordable and accessible for all. 

Essential Services 

We take pride in our collaboration with Everside Health, a partner dedicated to promoting health and well-being through a range of essential services. As part of our employee benefits plan, here are some of the services offered: 

  • Annual physical exams. 
  • Same day, next day, and virtual appointment options for urgent care needs. 
  • 24/7 access to Everside Health physicians by app, portal and/ or mobile. 
  • Family medicine. 
  • Men’s and women’s health.  
  • Onsite lab work. 
  • School and sports physicals. 
  • Coordination of care with specialists for employees and dependents with chronic conditions. 

Join a Growing Top Workplace  

Seven Counties Services is proud to be named a 2023 Greater Louisville Area Top Workplace, as well as a recipient of the Top Workplaces Culture Excellence Award. Under these awards, our organization has been recognized for our outstanding performance in three crucial aspects of workplace culture: Employee Appreciation, Employee Well-Being, and Professional Development. 

Our commitment to prioritizing employee well-being has fueled the growth of our workforce. In addition to comprehensive health benefits, we provide additional perks such as educational assistance programs, generous time-off policies, retirement plans, and more. 

If you’re seeking to be part of a workplace that takes pride in its exceptional culture and is dedicated to enhancing the lives of individuals and families, we invite you to explore opportunities on our career page. Choosing a path with Seven Counties Services is more than a career – it’s a purpose! 

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